Closed today

Hey everyone.. We are closed today.  We have a couple key employees that are out and we do not have enough team members to execute the day correctly.  We will keep you updated

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Our favorite Christmas song by far is baby it’s cold outside, any version we love to listen too & I secretly think in my head that I sound amazing when I’m singing this song… in the shower of course!  Too many Elf movies this time of year I guess.  Escalators aren’t safe either with this crew … Continued

Weekly Success

I can’t even believe it’s December 3rd & we are having this kind of weather! I just want to go soak in the sun for some much needed external source of vitamin D!! So so thankful for these rays of joys & the slight breeze that is accompanying them. Sundays….a day of rest, a day … Continued

Holiday Gainzzz – Part 2

Holiday Gainzzz – Part 2 They Broke Bread in their Homes and Ate Together with Glad and Sincere Hearts.  Acts 2:46 Happy day to all you foodies!! I hope you guys had a chance to really dive into your planning & feel more confident in your preparations for next week but more importantly just taking … Continued

Holiday Gainzzzz or Gains – Part 1

My husband just mentioned a few days ago….Thanksgiving is the week after next!!!  As I was processing what he said, I internally had a freak out moment… mind started recalling our conversation & the fact that yes we did talk about prepping a few dishes early for the holiday & I haven’t even thought another … Continued

Live Better Look Better

Live Better Look Better ~ Hi everyone – Amy here from Healthy Essentials.  Let’s face it we all love food, but we quickly lose sight of what nutritious foods to put into our bodies because of our schedules, cravings and simply lack of good choices. We are living in a world of such a fast … Continued

Let’s Shop for Food!

Hi there – Amy here & it’s time to make healthy taste great! I spoke the other night in our cooking class briefly on how to shop at the grocery store….stay on the outside perimeters only (except for our flour, spices & oils aisle-see guide from previous blog). To keep things simple you can also … Continued

What food’s are considered Paleo?

Hi there – Amy here to again talk foodie details!  So many great questions in our cooking class the other night, but the most important is to understand exactly what foods are Paleo friendly. First thing to understand is although we won’t be living the exact lifestyle from our ancestors, ie Paleolithic we do know … Continued

Paleo Cooking Class – Zucchini Lasagna

Hi there – Amy here lets talk how to make Healthy Taste great.  For all of those who attended the Paleo cooking class, here is the recipe as promised.  If you missed the class, we will be hosting another class in April and June. Watch our FB page for more information. Paleo Energy Balls: 1/2 c almond … Continued

Save your Brain

One of the main components of Fish Oil is DHA.  Here are some references of how Fish Oil/DHA can save your brain.  Stop in Healthy Essentials today and get quality Fish Oil and save your brain.  Do NOT buy cheap fish oil.  If it is not micro distilled, it can be loaded full of mercury … Continued