For a Strong Immune System

Having a strong immune system is important every minute of every day all year round, but we become more aware of its importance as harvest season is on the horizon, school sessions begin.  Using the last of the Summer months to boost your immune system is the best way to have a great fall and winter season

You can weather any storm with a healthy immune system and sail through spring without the illnesses you might have come to expect in the past.  Chart your course for smooth sailing:

NOURISH your body with healthful, organic, whole foods.  Choose foods with rainbow colors:  yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, and tan.   Or just plan on eating at Healthy Essentials each day.  Our salads are filled with antioxidants, carotenes, and vitamins that nourish your cells and carry out the trash produced by oxidation (cell energy production).  Choose organic fruits and vegetables where possible, for their increased antioxidant properties and the absence of herbicides and pesticides that assault your liver.  In your local produce department, the organic fruits are not only marked by a price difference, but there is always a little sticker on it.  If the number on the sticker starts with a 9, that means it is organic.  3,4, 5 are just normal pesticide bound products, and 8 is genetically modified.

EXERCISE your body to keep your heart healthy and pumping live-giving oxygen to every cell in your body for energy production and disease control, and efficiently carrying out the trash dumped by the cells as they do their daily work.  It may seem hard to get out in the cold and move, but your joints will appreciate the great morning start if you will develop the self discipline to “just do it”.

WATER your body to keep each and every cell hydrated, pliant, and supple, and to keep the lymph, blood, and other fluids diluted and flowing efficiently as they go about their chores.  “The solution to pollution is dilution.” 

AVOID crippling your body’s defenses with unhealthy foods and substances like sugar, white flour, and cigarette smoke.  Our universe is dirtier than it was for our ancestors, and our bodies have their work cut out for them just taking care of the inevitable toxicity we encounter in our environment.  Don’t make the sad mistake of adding your own garbage to the heap.

OMIT dairy products like milk and cheese from your diet for awhile.  Whether or not you are actually allergic to dairy, it is very mucous producing and contributes to the congestion of stuffed up sinuses, noses, and lungs.  Chronic recurring ear infections and asthma in young children have been linked to dairy and wheat products!

OMIT wheat and other grains from your diet for at least 30 days.  Many grains, especially wheat and its close cousins spelt and kamut, are strong allergens. Which is why Healthy Essentials committed to becoming a gluten free in all of our products.

INVEST in good air purifiers for the bedrooms in your home.  If you can at least sleep in a clean environment, your body has a chance to rest, heal and better cope with the challenges of the world outside.

SUPPLEMENT your diet to prevent deficiencies that lead to illness:

  • Multiple vitamins are a basic necessity for adults and children to insure sufficient nutrition to maintain a healthy body.   Our Food based are the best on the market.
  • Primary essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are vital to healthy nerve and muscle function and electrolyte balance.
  • Essential fatty acids (fish, flax oil) truly are essential for absorption of minerals, brain and nervous system health, and well-oiled internal organs, muscles and joints.
  • If you’ve been sick, stressed, taken a round of antibiotics, or eating poorly, be sure to supplement with a probiotic to restore and maintain good bowel health.  
  • Take a digestive enzyme supplement if you’re experiencing heartburn, gas, constipation, diarrhea or general poor health.  Your immune system begins in your digestive tract–the super highway that carries nutrition in and toxins out through the length of your body.
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids can boost your immune system and give needed support when you are under attack by a bacteria or virus.
  • Wellness Formula is one of the most effective and most complete immune system boosters we’ve found, and it’s a must for your supplement cabinet.  It is available in capsule form for adults and a liquid for children.  It includes Echinacea to help stimulate your own immune system to respond more quickly, along with herbs such as astragalus that support the adrenals under stress, and other herbs like garlic and goldenseal that provide additional assistance for a struggling immune system.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for a chiropractic adjustment if you’re not on a regular schedule. If you need one, call Global Health Chiropractic and start today.  The more efficiently the nervous system works, the better you’ll faire through the fall and winter months.  Be sure to call for a “wellness adjustment” at the first sign of fall colds or flu to jump start your immune system and stay ahead of the game.