What food’s are considered Paleo?

Hi there – Amy here to again talk foodie details!  So many great questions in our cooking class the other night, but the most important is to understand exactly what foods are Paleo friendly. First thing to understand is although we won’t be living the exact lifestyle from our ancestors, ie Paleolithic we do know that going back to the basics of how we should eat in a Paleo lifestyle has offered myself as well as others a whole new way of living life healthy!

Now let’s break this down. Creating Paleo meals doesn’t have to be hard. One way to be consistent is sticking to a lean meat or fish (organic-hormone free/wild fish is always best) and combining some of your favorite veggies it can be an easy start for you!  If you are struggling with any inflammation in your body, remember that by removing grains & refined sugars that will actually reduce inflammation in your body. Keep feeding our body with nutrient rich foods & cooking with oils (as listed in chart below) that will only improve your quality of life.


But before we get too carried away with creating an entire new lifestyle, we’ve got to get down & dirty with the food in our home.  Since it is spring break & a time we often do some spring cleaning…..we might as well purge that PANTRY!!! Let’s get started!!!  This is NOT an easy task.



If your pantry looks like this picture above then you’ve got some work to do.  Anything that is loaded with grains & refined sugars needs to go.  As I mentioned the other night in our Paleo class, donate any unopened food to a local food bank.  Don’t count the cost, don’t look at the price….Just GET IT OUT of the pantry!!!  If you are the only one making a shift in lifestyle for the time, simply create you a space for your foods, spices & oils (as listed above)!  This will take some discipline but is totally do-able!!


Here’s to Creating a Healthy Pantry!!