Live Better Look Better

Live Better Look Better ~

Hi everyone – Amy here from Healthy Essentials.  Let’s face it we all love food, but we quickly lose sight of what nutritious foods to put into our bodies because of our schedules, cravings and simply lack of good choices. We are living in a world of such a fast pace right now that we find ourselves making poor decisions and having to choose drive through or take out @ 9:00pm. No doubt our metabolism has slowed down, our hormones are out of whack & let’s not forget that our stomach is in constant discomfort & bloating.  All of this leaves us struggling to look and feel like we know we can.

If any of this identifies with you let me ask, when was the last time you thought about a detox or cleanse? Maybe you’ve never done a detox, maybe you’ve just heard stories about them from your social groups. For some the thought of having to limit foods is scary…it doesn’t have to be!!!  Any wellness practitioner will tell you that the first place to jump start your bodies natural functions is with a detox/cleanse.  Did you know that you can totally jump start your metabolism and detox our system in just 8 days.  We can do anything for 8 days can’t we? Would you love to know how to eat healthy foods, regain that lost energy all of us need while keeping your sanity & lose weight during those 8 days?

Last night @ Healthy Essentials we were able to let you hear first hand how this easy 8 day cleanse can change your life with guided support, shopping lists & meal plans catered to your paleo or ketogenic needs while introducing the nutritional supplements available to help you in this journey.  There were many who couldn’t make it and we have shared that information with them.  We would love to share this information with you too & help you design a new lifestyle plan that works for you & your family.  IF you are interested in learning more.. Simply private message us on this page and I will send you information or connect you with a person who can show you more.

Don’t wait to get started… Regain control of your health today.

Here’s to creating a healthy detox!