Holiday Gainzzzz or Gains – Part 1

My husband just mentioned a few days ago….Thanksgiving is the week after next!!!  As I was processing what he said, I internally had a freak out moment… mind started recalling our conversation & the fact that yes we did talk about prepping a few dishes early for the holiday & I haven’t even thought another second about it since our conversation!  So, I took a step back & a deep breath in; recognizing that in the past this probably would have sent me into a full blown stress response by not being prepared.  But, all is well, our children will be home for the break & we are so excited to enjoy each one of them.  I knew by getting a handle on my mind, this would help me prepare our holiday break for success!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people at the gym or grocery store, other moms, etc say…”I’m just going to enjoy my holidays & then start after the first of the year with my diet & fitness goals.”  While it is great to have a plan after the first of the year, what blocks us from having a plan this last quarter of 2017?  When we fail to plan….we will FAIL! I hope to be able to give you a few ideas to not completely blow your holiday gainzzz for GAINS!

First plan of action foodies is to make a PLAN!!! We still have plenty of time to figure out details like how many people? How many meals? Anyone with food sensitivities?  What do I want to cook this holiday break that…oh yes I’m going to say it…is a healthier option?

Make a list of your menu & start to plan ideas with what leftovers you might anticipate from turkey day especially.  Maybe you have no idea where to even start looking for these yummy ideas.  Leave us a message, be specific with your wants & I will do my best to guide you in the proper direction. Also don’t forget that we can help you with those gluten free pies & rolls.  Fill out an order form online @  Selection & details will be listed on the form.

I’m so proud of you fellow foodies for taking those steps to achieve your health & fitness goals through the holidays!!!

Here’s to successful planning!