Holiday Gainzzz – Part 2

Holiday Gainzzz – Part 2

They Broke Bread in their Homes and Ate Together with Glad and Sincere Hearts.  Acts 2:46

Happy day to all you foodies!! I hope you guys had a chance to really dive into your planning & feel more confident in your preparations for next week but more importantly just taking the time to soak in the pure joy & excitement of having a house full of love and laughs for the next week. This year for me I have not focused on the perfection, but of feeling the warmth of our kids & hearing the patter of feet (really big feet for some) all over the house.  I think we often add too much pressure to ourselves by giving the illusion that everything has to be just right before we can enjoy Thanksgiving.  Our families will remember the stories that will be shared & the laughter that will be had much longer than not eating at 12:00 pm or whether the turkey is in the oven @ 8:00am.  So let’s all give ourself permission right now for those lifetime gainzzz of pure love and overlook the perfection of our schedule.

Back to food though, I have been challenging myself to create a few new dishes this season as well as add some family workouts in.  (My adulting children & teenagers will love the early am workouts I assure you :). )  So I’m definitely experimenting with parsnip potatoes, rosemary & garlic this season, I’ve done cauliflower potatoes the last few years & am ready for a change although I love them as much as the real deal, just without the bloat.  The kids actually have to ask now, real or fake ones mom?  I always just smile & say… you tell me.  They can never tell, but they always get seconds.  Desserts are a big love in this home too, although I allow a balance of sweets on special occasions, our GF pies & rolls at Healthy Essentials are seriously to die for.  You can still order them online or directly at the store for the holiday!!  

I hope your organizational skills are spot on this season. Psssht… but if you are still needing help with recipes I have attached a few links to some of my favorite holiday recipes & a Printable meal plan to help in your discovery at the grocery store.  If you aren’t brave enough just yet to hit the stores don’t forget about the curbside pick up options available at your local grocery stores. I would recommend checking the website of the store you shop frequently for any special holiday hours and pick up schedules.


Here’s to the gainzzz of love this season & a little organization



Sauteed brussel Sprouts               Mashed sweet potatoes (primal)
Skinny Scalloped Potatoes           Mushroom Fennel Stuffing