Weekly Success

I can’t even believe it’s December 3rd & we are having this kind of weather! I just want to go soak in the sun for some much needed external source of vitamin D!! So so thankful for these rays of joys & the slight breeze that is accompanying them.

Sundays….a day of rest, a day of scheduling, a day of success! I love to feel prepared & look at my calendar (I still use a paper one & write in pencil 🙂 ) & feel empowered, comfort & just that secure feeling of “I’ve got this week with you God.” For most of us, we are combining school schedules from the kids & planning our dinners, workouts & our daily accomplishments around them!  We all have these hoops to jump through at times, but being prepared will help you so much when hiccups come up.

Here’s a few simple steps to set your self up for a week of success in the kitchen:  Kitchen (n): the heart of the home

1 – Meal plan against your weekly schedules & shop (crock pot meals for those game nights, quick & easy protein veggie wraps, leftovers, etc)

2- Veggie prep – wash all veggies & chop, then put in baggies so just can just quickly pull out of the refrigerator for a quick snack or side to bake.

3- Schedule prep time for your meals in your calendar…(maybe you need to put in your roast before leaving the house before work & cook on low for the day)

4- Mid-week think about how to re-purpose leftovers, either for lunches or for the family/yourself, have plenty of containers available & label if necessary.

Here’s another few ideas for a successful week not in the kitchen:

1 –  Get gas in your car – it’s not my favorite thing to do in this world but it beats standing out in the freezing cold waiting on that pump. (We never know this time of year what our weather will bring us)

2-Review your weekly calendar….also, schedule in lunch or coffee your spouse or a friend. Yes scheduling laughter into your day is totally allowed!!!

3-What goals do you have personally for yourself this week? What is one task big/small that you could accomplish to work towards your dream!

4-Schedule your workouts!  When we fail to plan, we will overlook this one thing everytime!! Make time to move your body….walk the dog, meet a friend @ the gym or park, but movement is mandatory :)!!!

Here’s to a week of success~